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To our Little Card Family,

We wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for your dedication to our program. We have created many wonderful memories within this program over the last twenty plus years and have served many families within this community. Our Founder, Ron Rabe, created this wonderful organization and wanted nothing more than to create a community organization to teach our kids the game of football/cheer. There have been many volunteers that have put in countless hours as well, to ensure that this program kept moving forward. And as a result of his vision many friendships have been made and remain to this day because of this program.  So, for all of that we are truly grateful.

Today, is a new day, however. In recent weeks there have been many conversations about the future and what would best serve the youth in our community, and they are what is most important. We have had to make some critical decisions that will impact our Organization, and we want you all to know that we have made these decisions in what we believe is in everyone’s best interest. Our new head coach at Colerain High School presented to the Board a great opportunity . The opportunity to be apart of a new organization. One that he and his staff will be involved with and one that will serve the youth of our community the right way. We believe this is a great idea for everyone. The “new” organization will be called Colerain Cardinals Youth Football Organization,  and will serve all the youth in our community for football/cheer. We urge everyone to get involved. And be apart of something great.

As of today, the Little Cards Organization will dissolve and move forward with the new organization. It is our hope that everyone sees this as a new beginning and will come and be apart of this. We will make this program great with all of you and only better our community.

We know there will be many questions and those will be answered along the way. The biggest question will probably be about registration. As soon as its finalized letters will go out and information will be emailed and posted.

Thank you,

Little Cards Board