Football Registration

It’s that time of year again to think about the upcoming football season.Our teams will be 1st grade, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.  The cutoff for your son/daughter's date of birth is September 30 of the current year in order to coincide with the requirement set forth by the schools.


 To satisfy the league requirements, in addition to providing a birth certificate, you will also need to provide proof of completion of grade.  A copy of the front page of your child’s 2014 report card where it  states that he/she has been promoted to said grade will be sufficient.  His/her name and date must appear on the report card. For privacy purposes, in regards to their grades, we are not requiring the entire report card .  This information can either be mailed to me or given to me at the concession stand on the first day of practice.


The weight limits for the teams are as follows:                     

            1st grade                       85 lbs.

            2nd grade                      95 lbs.

            3rd grade                     105 lbs.

            4th grade                     115 lbs.

            5th grade                     125 lbs.

            6th grade                 No Restriction


Please go to the Forms tab and print/complete Football Registration Packet and send them with the registration fee of $210.00, birth certificate and proof of promotion grade to:


                                              Little Cards Youth Football and Cheerleading

                                                                         PO Box 825

                                                                     Ross, OH  45061

Checks or money orders should be made payable to Little Cards Youth Football.



Game times will be as follows:


            1st grade                       10:00 A.M..

            2nd grade                      11:20 A.M..

            3rd grade                      12:40 P.M.

            4th grade                       2:00 P.M..

            5th grade                       3:20 P.M.

            6th grade                       4:40 P.M..


Orientation Night- July 11th  @ 6pm

First Practice- July 12th  @ 6pm - 8pm

Please wear t-shirt, shorts, football shoes and bring water.  The concession stand will be open for business at all practices and home games.  Other important dates will be announced in the practice reminder letter which will be sent to you in July.